Norm limitations EN 50085-1:2005 and EN 50085-2-1:2006
Zamet S.p.A. informs you that, in order to comply with the standards EN 50085-1:2005
and EN 50085-2-1:2006, instructions have to be followed during the installation of the product both for straight elements and accessories:
- The straight sections of the channel are certified by IMQ and comply with standards only when equipped with the relevant cover
- The components are certified by IMQ and comply with standards only when equipped
- The value of linear impedance is marked for each straight section when below 5 mΩ/m
- The straight sections made of painted steel do not guarantee electrical continuity between channel and cover. Continuity is guaranteed only when accessory T0 602 0000 01 “Hinge with earthing device” is used.

Norm limitation EN 61537-1 ed.2007
Zamet Spa informs you that, for compliance with the standard EN 61537-1 ed.2007, the following instructions must be taken into account during the installation of the straight cable tray section and accessories.
The ZT Series was certified in the following versions:
* Resistance against corrosion according to paragraph 6.5.2:
- Sendzimir galvanized steel (code 01): Class 3
- Hot dip galvanized steel (code 03): Class 6
- Stainless steel AISI 304 - AISI 316 - AISI 316L (code 40-41): Class 9A - 9B - Galvanized and painted steel (code 15-11): Class 3

* Perforation of the surface according to paragraph 6.7:
- Classification B (over 2% and up to 15%)
* Dimensions according to paragraph 8:
- Compliance checked by visual inspection
The SWL of the straight section for each width, depending on the span and of the supporting devices, is shown in the corresponding tables.
The system is suitable for mounting on a single span and on multiple spans (type test IV 10.3.4 - Figure 3).
The joints are to be considered as localized areas with a lower mechanical strength, therefore, one of the certified supporting devices is provided near the joint.
A certified supporting device can be positioned for each component of the system.
Bolts and nuts used for the assembly of the components housing the cables must be positioned in such a way that the round head faces the inside of the cable ladder or component.
This precaution is necessary to ensure full compliance with the requirements of paragraph 9.3.The nut and bolt torque must be equal to: M6 (3Nm) and M8 (6Nm).

UL certification listed/classified for category CYNW and
cUL cat. CYNW7 - File no. E471266

Zamet S.p.A. has attained another prestigious certification: the UL mark.
Widely recognized and trusted by consumers, it is the best guarantee for products which comply with US and Canadian safety requirements.

for ZT-ZM-ZR material sold/assembled in U.S.A. and Canada, please require UL mark

Certification GOST R TRCU (EAC)
Our product series are NOT INCLUDED

ISO 9001:2015 System Certification
EN 50085-1:2005 ed EN 50085-2-1:2006 - IP20
EN 50085-1:2005 and EN 50085-2-1:2006 - IP40
EN 61537:2007 - IEC
NEMA Standards VE 1-2009 - Canadian Standards CSA C22.2 No 126.1-09
GOST R - TR CU - EAC certificate